How To Convert InDesign Slideshow For YouTube

How to convert an Adobe InDesign document to display as a slideshow on YouTube.

I was looking for an easy way to convert some of my InDesign projects to YouTube slideshows and had a hard time finding a simple “Export InDesign to YouTube” function.

I tried channelling it through PowerPoint, converting it on, going through QuickTime, even trying making an SWF file with Flash! Egads!

With a little trial and error I figured out an easy way to do this. Perhaps this is already in common practice or there may be even easier ways, but this worked for me.


The tools I used

Mac laptop, Adobe InDesign, Apple Photo app, YouTube (on Chrome)

  1. Create a JPG of each page by File>Export


2. Save JPGs with the best settings you can and make sure All Pages is selected


3. Open the Photos app. This used to be iPhoto. Create an Empty Album and import the JPGs into here. There are some other steps but it’s self-explanatory. The good thing is that each JPG is page-numbered sequentially.


4. From your Photo photos, Export Slideshow. This will create a Project.


5. This adds your album name to the Project (“portfolio”), but that can be removed. See the lower-left thumbnail, there is a T on it. Click and delete and see next image.


6. Export your Project, which will create a *.m4v file, which can then be uploaded to YouTube.


7. Upload your “video” to YouTube and achieve world-wide fame. Of course, if your slideshow contains playful kittens or bacon, or kittens playing with bacon, or kittens turned into bacon, you are sure to go viral. You can download youtube videos with tubemate youtube downloader app for free.

If you find these tips helpful or if you have a better way (and I’m sure there are some) please let me know. Thank you.