HTML Email Résumé

Good Luck In Your Future Endeavors!

Applying for jobs is a royal pain.

A good-looking résumé is irrelevant. Most job applications require creating an account on an Applicant Tracking System, uploading a résumé, then cutting and pasting that content into boxes on the application site, confirming your gender, race, veteran and disability status, agreeing to the terms, applying your initials to confirm your identity and then receiving a confirmation number and seeing that your application is “In Progress” on their job site for the next 400 years or so.

Sometimes, the job listing will have a real email address and then you can email a résumé as an attachment. I use Hubspot Sales, a Google Chrome extension that shows if an email has been read, when, where and how many times. I find it is not 100% accurate, but does provide a guide to see if anyone is really out there.

I’m now trying HTML Email Résumé.

If the job posting has an email address, I do the following:

  1. Create an HTML email file. I do this with Adobe Dreamweaver, for which they have ready-to-go templates. (Here’s more info on that.) I clean out all the extraneous code and put in a new title and cut and paste my Word Doc résumé into the the source code in Dreamweaver. I apply styles, adjust margins, etc., and check it out by doing a File>>Open in Google Chrome.
  2. Once I am satisfied with how it looks, I simply copy the entire “page” from my browser. I am not viewing in source code, just exactly what shows on the screen. I do a Command-A to select everything and then a Command-C to copy it to the clipboard.
  3. In Gmail, I compose a new email, remove my signature block and everything else by doing a Command-A, Delete. Then, I paste right into the Compose window. I test it by sending it to myself to make sure it works. It works! So, now I have an email résumé that may pique someone’s interest since there is no attachment to open and, well, it’s kinda cool isn’t it?