Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)

I’ve been using Google Analytics to track this website, and others, for a long time.

I’m kinda obsessed by it. It’s interesting to see how many hits I get when I post something new, and to see if I get hits from people or places that I have targeted—like for job applications and such.

To some this might seem creepy, but the world runs on data so the more you know the better you can plan and react.

I have been studying for the Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam for several weeks and decided that today was the day to make my first attempt.

I’m Certifiable!

I didn’t expect to do too well, let alone actually pass it on the first try. But, I did! With a 90%. 80% is passing, so that’s not too shabby. Not sure what questions I got wrong but the exam wasn’t nearly as hard as I had expected. So, now I am Google Analytics certified. Woo hoo.

Click the link to go to my Google Partners profile that shows my certification. The Link.