Self-Publish Capstone Thesis as a Book

Give new life to your Capstone or Thesis and self-publish it as a paperback book for a few bucks a copy

adobe-software-book-macharyasAfter I completed my Capstone Project, The Malicious and Forensic Uses of Adobe Software, for the Master’s Program in Cybersecurity and Computer Forensics at Utica College, I felt that I wanted to do something more with it. My son showed me some bound volumes of past theses he was given at Florida State University. These were very nice looking, but they were simply bound, typewritten pages that cost about 60 bucks each. I knew that I could do better using the power of Adobe Software!

Adobe InDesign to the Rescue

I took my 82-page Capstone, created in Microsoft Word and flowed the text into a 6×9 Adobe Indesign CC2015 document. I created 56 pages of text and a 4-page cover. I re-processed my 25 images into CMYK TIFF files with Photoshop CC 2015 and placed them in position in the document. I re-numbered the pages, checked the table of contents and the list of illustrative figures, added my resume to the end as well as a colophon to describe how the book was made. I created a press-ready PDF with Adobe Acrobat DC and uploaded the text and cover files to The whole thing, 3 printed books, including shipping and tax came to a whole 18 bucks. What a great deal!

I Can Do the Same for You

clay-mobile-cover-fileI posted my idea on LinkedIn and one of my classmates, Tony Clay, took me up on my offer to create a book from his Capstone. He sent me the Word document for Strategies to Protect Children on Mobile Applications, and I created a 48-page plus 4-page cover book using Adobe InDesign. I created a cover and formatted the text similarly to my own and sent him a PDF to proof and to use to upload to The book isn’t printed yet, but I’m very excited to see it.

I would be interested in doing the same for any other past, present or future students, for a small fee. If anyone is interested, please contact me at