How to OutSmart Your SmartPhone

Outsmart Your Smartphone: A seminar conducted by Jeff Macharyas at teh YMCA of the Treasure Coast, to help those less technically adept become more familiar with their iPhones, Androids and Tablets.

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I was asked by the YMCA of the Treasure Coast, in Stuart, Florida, to conduct a seminar to help some of their members become more familiar with the workings of their smartphones. My wife came up with the title, “OutSmart Your SmartPhone,” and I was on my way.

Never having conducted such a lesson, I researched whatever I could on how others have done it. I was surprised that I didn’t find a whole lot. AT&T has something similar and there a lot of specific lessons for different things, but no overall plan. So I made one.

I had a crowd of more than 15 people, mostly seniors. Some knew quite a bit, some knew a little, and some knew hardly anything. I went through app downloading, how to send photos to people, texting, making fonts bigger, audiobook apps, that sorta stuff. They were very attentive, asked a lot of questions, and even told me some things I didn’t know. It was good way to help people become more comfortable with their purchases, and for me—it made me more comfortable teaching a lesson to a group.

I must admit, I was nervous at first, but once we got going, it was a good time and went well past our allotted time. They even asked for more! I was able to put my Dale Carnegie training to the test and I already have some ideas for the next time the Chief calls upon me to: OutSmart the SmartPhone!

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