I Was A Teenage Billboard

Rolling Billboard—1967 Baja Bug

Rolling Billboard

I bought my first car, a 1967 VW Baja Bug, for $100. The floors were rusted through, so I could see the road pass by below, like on The Flintstones. The windshield wipers only worked when the turn signal was on and I had to practically dismantle the front of the car to put gas in it. But it was my car and I loved it.

I worked for Intracoastal Printing in Fort Pierce, Florida as a graphic designer. The owner approached me with a radical idea. Paint the car in a bunch of colors (like a Mondrian painting, or maybe like the Partridge Family bus), get paid $10/month, and use your car and your image on a billboard to advertise the company and just drive around. I took him up on the deal. I was a student at Fort Pierce Central High School and would drive my car to school, then to work, and all over the place. I was pretty well-known, earning my 15 minutes of fame.

When people saw who I was they would squint, then point, then say, “hey, you’re that dude in the clown-colored Bug, man.” Yeah, man, that’s me!

My fame was shared with the readers of Quick Printing magazine, when I was featured on the cover, behind the wheel of my Bug, in front on Intracoastal Printing. It wasn’t raining so I didn’t need the turn signal.

Happy motoring!

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